Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Where were you?

This morning as I was greeting parents and kids as they arrived in the drop off lane at school, there was much talk and anticipation of the Inauguration of Barack Obama happening later that day. One parent says he clearly remembers as a child watching and hearing Kennedy's famous speech when he took the Oath of Office on a January day so long ago. I knew that I wanted to see this today, but I did not think so much about the impact on the children that are so much a part of my life through work. Fortunately a couple of our teachers were on the ball and were trying to make it happen via the internet and projection devices. The web was in full throttle and getting a picture and continuous feed was near impossible. All our students (K-4th) and all the 6th-12th students from Bridge School (we share a building) comfortably crowded into our auditorium to watch as two projectors showed a choppy live video. At the very last minute before things got underway, I quick brought in a boom box and with the radio going, we were able to hear continuous audio. The kids were quiet and rapt with attention. And while the kindergarteners had some clay to keep their hands busy and to themselves, most were clearly paying attention. All these kids from 4 years to 17 years....just what were they thinking? What exactly did they hear? What will they take to heart and remember from this day?

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  1. Nicely written Karina! We turned OFF the TV and refused to watch any of it. I'm sure that sounds extreme, but since he didn't have the courtesy to show the public his 1961 birth certificate, I'm not even sure he's legally our president (in my mind at least). I wish him well and will give him a fair shake, but all this adoration for someone who has done literally NOTHING yet, makes me sick to my stomach. This slobbering love-affair the media (and many Americans) has for the man is frightening! I feel like our children are being "indoctrinated" ... like the "Obama Youth"... pretty soon they'll be singing songs to him and wearing t-shirts of him. Oh wait a minute.. they've already done that! He hasn't done a thing and children are being taught to LOVE HIM! Yikes!!

    The inauguration is a great history lesson, yes. Good to watch and understand how the system works. But I'm going to wait and see what he does first before I go giddy. In the mean time my 6-year old said it best, "Mama, I have to hide my wallet now because Barack Obama is president!" Well said little Kat.